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Body as a Light Source

Creator - Sarah Uwadiae

Co-Collaborator - Tim Nguyen

This is an experiment in which Tim Nguyen and I collaborated on exploring the  human body as a source of light. As a black woman, I have always been fascinated by the human skin, it's colours, beauty, imperfections and baggage. My curiosity lead me to ask questions like -  Does the body emits light? Research showed that the body does in fact emit light rays that are not visible to the human eyes. - If the skin from albino to black to white is a spectrum, does it reflect light? What would light reflected on the skin look like through different skin tones? Using UV makeup and lights, we decided to investigate on a black skin and a white skin to test both extremes. This experiment lead to some answers and more questions. Onward!

Models: Makambe K Simamba and Melinda Coetzee
Photography: Tim Nguyen

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