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CATHARSIS Film Screening

Saturday, March 18th, 2023
Festival Hall 1215 10 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0W6

CATHARSIS is a Telus STORYHIVE-funded docu-series created and directed by Sarah Uwadiae. Filmed here in Mohkinstsis - Calgary, this female-led documentary tackles the stigmatization of mental health and therapy in many Black and African communities with a focus on immigrants from those communities. It seeks to create a safe space for African immigrants to process racial trauma through counseling. 

This is an opportunity to enjoy an evening of live music, spoken word poetry, and film. There will be a panel afterward to engage with the filmmaker about the creative process and the intention and reality behind the film. 

This is a can't-miss event that seeks to inspire conversations about mental health in African and Black immigrant communities in Canada, demystify the process of therapy, and bring accessibility to culturally appropriate mental health resources to the forefront.

Join us to screen this documentary and experience a collective Catharsis. The dress code for this event is "Red Carpet Classy" (whatever that means to you)!


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This screening event is a reality because of the support we’ve received from organizations and businesses in Calgary. I would like to extend many thanks to the sponsors who have supported and enabled me to envision an opportunity to bring members of the community together for a collective Catharsis. This event would be impossible without you.

As the city’s designated arts development authority, Calgary Arts Development supports and strengthens the arts to benefit all Calgarians. We invest and allocate municipal funding for the arts provided by The City of Calgary and leverage these funds to provide additional resources to the arts sector. Our programs support hundreds of arts organizations, individual artists, artist collectives, and ad hoc groups in Calgary. Calgary Arts Development strives to increase and use our resources wisely, foster collaborative relationships, and make the arts integral to the lives of Calgarians.

Journey Counselling Inc. has become an oasis for Calgarians addressing a variety of life’s challenges for the past 15 years. Our clinic is situated in Douglasdale in the southeast where we offer in-person and virtual counselling services 7 days a week, including evenings. With us, you will find warmth, understanding, qualified counsellors and practical solutions. Our team is made up of psychologists whose ethnicities are as diverse as Calgary itself, with at least one person from each continent and collectively speaking over 10 languages! We work collaboratively to ensure our clients get the right help each time. Individuals, couples, families, adolescents and children come to us to receive help with mood disorders, relationship difficulties, grief, addictions, resolving conflict, ADHD assessments, educational assessments, overcoming trauma and so much more. We are committed to our client’s wellbeing and offer group workshops for blended family couples, young adults seeking clarity about life goals and pre-married couples before the wedding. We are always growing and adding services based on client needs. Let us join your journey and help get you further along the road!


The Alberta Black Therapists Network (ABTN) is made up of a group of Black licensed and regulated professionals from various interdisciplinary backgrounds working in the field of mental health and addictions. The network was formed out of need- in response to the health inequalities, in particular in mental health experienced by black Canadians, the ABTN understands that it will take anti black racism, anti- oppressive and systematic changes to improve the mental wellbeing for Black Canadians. We believe in the psychological well being of our community, and the society as a whole. Through networking, continued training, and use of evidence-based approaches, and understanding racialized trauma, anti- racist and culturally empowered lenses, we strive to ensure the highest quality of therapeutic services are provided to our communities. We aim to increase emotional wellness and the application of self care skills such as self-awareness, self-confidence, positive thinking, goal setting, responsible decision making, and healthy relationships. At the core, we normalize lived experiences, engage in psychoeducation to reduce barriers to psychological health and decrease stigma against seeking additional support when needed.

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