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Still Motion

Make Fashion 2019 - Beakerhead Spectacle

Presented by: CADA

Costume Designer and Creator: Sarah Uwadiae

Vaguely inspired by Iris Van Herpen's Water-dress, 'Still Motion' is an experiment that explores the process of reusing and repurposing plastic and fabric. The desire to create the flowing quality of the water with plastic bottles was the starting point of this project. Staying true to the theme of reusing and repurposing; a thrift store bought dress was used as a base. Still Motion morphed into the creation of artistic accompaniments for the dress which was further elevated with lighting. The shrinking and recoiling quality of plastic when heated which yields the frozen motion result, and the texture of lighting projected through the transformed plastic creates Still Motion.

MakeFashion Tech Team: Shannon and Maria Hoover

Model: Cindy Ansah

Show Photographer:

In-process photos: Sarah Uwadiae



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