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Written and Directed by Sarah Uwadiae

Fabienne Colas Foundation's Being Black in Canada Program 2021

Presented by Netflix in collaboration with National Bank of Canada and Telefilm Canada and Canada Council for the Arts.

Being Black in Canada is a part of the Fabienne Colas Foundation’s Youth and Diversity Program. It was created to offer hands-on learning opportunities for black filmmakers to flourish in front and behind the camera. It provides a platform for emerging filmmakers to grow by providing mentorship, and the chance to make a short documentary about what it means to be Black in their various Canadian cities.

The Being Black in Canada 2021 cohort will have the opportunity to premiere their films at the Halifax Black Film Festival (Feb. 2022), the Montreal International Black Film Festival (Sept. 2022), the Ottawa Black Film Festival (March 2022), the Calgary Black Film Festival (May 2022) and the Vancouver International Black Film Festival (December 2022).

Home Synopsis: A young woman reflects on her journey as an immigrant, what home means to her, and her road to finding a new home and community in a foreign land despite the obstacles.

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