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Created, Produced and Directed by Sarah Uwadiae

2021 Telus STORYHIVE Open Call.

On their journey to create a new home in North America, immigrants from the African diaspora experience racial targeting, bullying, micro & macro aggressions, and worse. This sometimes results in physical and mental racial trauma.  Yet, for several reasons, many African communities stigmatize mental health and consider therapy a taboo - to their own detriment.

Catharsis is about creating a safe space for African immigrants to process racial trauma through counseling. It inspires conversations about the stigma of mental health and therapy within African communities and seeks to reveal and therefore demystify this process of healing.

This mini docu-series will be showcased on Telus Optik tv - dates TBD (stay tuned).

The Catharsis Film Screening Event will take place on the 18th of March, 2023.  Register on Eventbrite.

Episode 1: Mpoe

Episode 2: Wunmi

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